Jayson Domingo

Jays as what his closest friends call him, is a self taught photographer based in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.  His passion in photography is greatly influenced by his father. Although he did not go through formal photography training, his experience over 8 years in wedding photography  and over  15 years exposure in the wedding industry, made him develop an eye for timeless moments and freezes them for you to keep as long as you live.

Unless otherwise necessary, Jays wont direct or interfere as much as possible to capture your big day as it flows naturally. While you are making your love story that day, he will be somewhere, discreetly making sure you will have a souvenir of that very moment those tears of joy starts to flow.


Jays has been to many weddings since before he even started photography, assisting his father either taking photos or videos. Witnessing a very emotional event all the time, trained him to see every memorable moments and details that shaped his skills in wedding photography.


Jays fell in love and adopted the lifestyle approach in photography. It was something he felt suited doing while shooting portraits. He likes to capture people who are expressing their true selves and sometimes their alter ego. With a touch of fashion and passion, capturing in an artistic manner that can somehow inspire other people.