"Lauren and Raven Engagement Session"

October 7, 2023 Engagement

MR. & MRS. and their MR2


Victoria, BC is home to many stories of love, passion, and cultural blending. A story that stands out is about a young couple, one with vibrant Brazilian roots and the other hailing from the rich heritage of the Philippines. As they gear up to tie the knot next year in this beautiful city, their shared passions speak volumes of their bond – especially their adoration for the classic Toyota MR2.


 I was able to capture their love story today with the backdrop of their prized possession - a cool, 1991 yellow Toyota MR2 SW20. A car isn't just a mode of transportation for this duo; it symbolizes their journey, their shared experiences, and the road ahead, filled with adventures and memories yet to be made.


As the fall air begins to cool Victoria, today was a surprising exception. The day was bathed in golden sunlight, adding warmth both in temperature and ambiance. There's something magical about the golden hues of fall, especially when they complement a vintage yellow MR2, a radiant couple in love, and their cheerful moments.


But wait, there was a third wheel – not of the automobile kind, but a furry one. Maya, their adorable dog, was a quiet observer, sometimes peeking into the frame, but mostly watching her humans with keen interest. Dogs have an innate sense of picking up on emotions, and one could easily tell that Maya was soaking in the happiness around her.


When cultures blend, they create something incredibly beautiful. Their union is not just about two individuals coming together, but also two rich histories, traditions, and stories merging. Through this photoshoot, it wasn't just their love for each other that stood out but also their mutual respect for their roots and their shared passions.


As they embark on this journey from being two individuals with a shared love for the MR2 to becoming MR. & MRS., here's wishing them miles of happiness, adventures, and of course, long drives in their beloved Toyota.


Until next time, let love drive your journey and may your path always be lit with joy and sunshine!